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The virtue of hurricane parties

South Florida, and South Beach in particular, play host to lots of newcomers as the area grows. It’s also been quite a long time since we’ve experienced a serious hurricane, but trust me they do happen and they can be pretty scary. If you’re not sure what to expect, I would suggest keeping a few basic things handy. And don’t wait until the stuff hits the proverbial fan! The stores all get cleared out by panicked folks. It’s a good idea to keep the following in your home all the time just to be prepared for no electricity and no plumbing. Plenty of drinking water (5 gallons per person) canned food (fruit, veggies and beans, about 20 cans per person), baby wipes, disposable plastic bags that *gulp* will fit around your toilet, and a battery powered radio with plenty of fresh batteries. This will get you through about a week without power. A week is for a serious hurricane, but most will only cause a a day or two before roads are open. Ok, so now that I’ve bored you to death with my goodie-two-shoes routine, I suggest you throw a hurricane party when there’s one approaching your area. Stock up on your favorite snacks, wine, board games, and enjoy the time. Even if the power goes down for a couple days it will be like a vacation having good company around and no electricity! And with all your stored supplies you won’t be sweating the aftermath, you’ll be screaming “boo-ya!” when you hit a “j” on triple letter score in Scrabble.