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Almonds: Nature’s stress relief

What am I talking about? Seriously, almonds are excellent for helping with stress.  I discovered this when I noticed I was experiencing unusually high physical anxiety, so I don’t mean the kind of stress you feel when your significant other uses way too many paper towels for a tiny mess.  As we know, stress can start mentally and manifest itself physically.  Mine was the reverse, but the two work in tandem, and so my physical tension started to create mental anxiety.  After convincing myself that nothing out of the ordinary was up, I started researching causes of physical tension.  I learned that low magnesium intake was a prime suspect for these symptoms, which for me included tension in my jaw, and a jittery nervous feeling.  Sure enough my diet was lacking in most of the best food sources for magnesium; dark greens, seeds and beans.  I don’t handle raw vegetables well, digestion-wise that is, and so I had to find a reliable source of magnesium that was something I knew would work in my diet.  Now let’s not kid ourselves here, magnesium isn’t the cheerleader for essential nutrients but it’s a key player in all areas of the body so this is a high priority nutrient!  I settled on almonds, which are in fact a seed, as pictured above in their fruits.  Almonds are rich in magnesium, and consuming them raw is the best way to ensure that all the nutrition packed into those bad boys is being consumed.  Also, they are kind of soothing to eat, and that really helps.  It’s relaxing to crunch on them instead of popcorn while you watch a movie.