Milk Gone Nuts: Try the Chocolate Peanutbutterlicious Shake

On a steamy July day, nothing says summer vacation like an impossibly creamy chocolate milkshake. Like a mouthful of memories, these rich, icy treats are the stuff our childhood dreams were made of.

Thanks to Alton Road’s Milk Gone Nuts, Miamians can opt into this summer throwback, no dairy necessary.

This milkshakes and juice bar/cafe uses homemade nut milk, coconut ice, and organic ingredients to whip up drinks worthy of skin-scorchingly hot summer afternoons (and way healthier than the originals).

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The chocolate peanutbutterlicious shake, in particular, is a refreshing mash-up of fresh, homemade chocolate peanut butter, frozen banana and your choice of their homemade milk. Cashew makes the selection extra creamy. The final product is decadent enough to feel like dessert, light enough to leave you feeling lean.

Other specialty shakes include the peanut butter and jelly (homemade peanut butter, frozen banana, and red raspberry, grape or blueberry jelly) and the green apple and figs (green apple with a fig swirl), among others. They run $8 for a 12 ounce, $9 for a 16 ounce and $11 for a 24 ounce. Ideal for the lactose intolerant, the vegans, and the healthy eaters.

Snag a stool at the clean, white counter, and chat with owners Sara Tacher-Suarez and her daughter, Brittany Fierman, about ice cream makers, Italian pop molds, and organic ingredients.

Simpler shakes are also an option: almond milk, cashew milk, or coconut milk comes blended with Medjool dates, Himalayan pink salt, and fresh cinnamon, making for a naturally sweet liquid that has it over cow’s milk any day. These run $5 for an 8 ounce, $6.50 for a 12 ounce, $9.50 for a 24 ounce and $14 for a 32 ounce.

On top, customers can take their pick of chia seeds, coconut flakes, vanilla sugar, pumpkin seeds, and several other selections.